Leisure near Lake Zvirgzdu

A sauna ritual at Ezermaļi

by Landlady on October 12, 2011

How a sauna ritual takes place at Ezermaļi

→ Šis raksts pieejams arī Latviski – Pirts rituāls

Sitting at the table in “the New House” at Ezermaļi and sipping herbal tea, I realised that I couldn’t take my eyes off Aina who literally radiated a light and goodwill accented to even greater effect by her white linen outfit. As soon as you greet her, you can’t fail to notice Aina’s entrancing simplicity and good-natured smile.

It would seem that this should be the kind of person to oversee a sauna ritual, because a visit to the sauna is a process involving not only the purification of the flesh, but also cleansing of the spirit and soul. It’s Māra’s sanctum. [click to continue…]

Guesthouses at Ezermaļi in Kurzeme

→ Šis raksts pieejams arī latviski – Viesu nams pie ezera

A long time ago, when it first welcomed its guests, the Ezermaļi leisure complex was merely a pristine campsite. For a number of years now though, Ezermaļi has welcomed guests to two cosy guesthouses with a sauna.

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A log cabin by Lake Zvirgzdu

Over the course of time, the newer of two guesthouses at Ezermaļi campsite was christened “the New House” and built from logs. [click to continue…]

A guesthouse and sauna by Lake Zvirgzdu

→ Šis raksts pieejams arī Latviski – Viesu nams ar pirti

Originally, accommodation at the Ezermaļi leisure complex was restricted to a well-appointed campsite, but for several years now, Ezermaļi has also offered guests a choice of two cosy guesthouses.

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One of these has been named “the Stone House”, because it was built from real stones. “The Stone House” is ideally suited for a bigger group of guests. There are two bedrooms on its attic floor; each of which [click to continue…]